BARformula are Oil Palm Bioremediation specialists. Using proprietary advanced microbiological technology we convert 100% of an oil palm mill’s biomass and effluent.

Where we are.

In 5 years we have become the world’s leading innovators in waste management and nutrient recovery in the Oil Palm industry. In the very near future, we will see further technological leaps in the field of bioremediation.

Plantation groups seek BARformula technology to deliver the financial and environmental performance for a competitive edge. Since we introduced the technology to the market in 2008 we now operate multiple sites and are building more sites. As of December 2018 we have converted over 2,800,000mt of organic biomass and effluent into compost worth some USD 20 Million to our clients. Financial controllers of our larger clients are driving the effort to implement the technology in as many of their properties as quickly as possible. We continue to remain accessible to the smaller groups and smallholders as they make up a large sector of the industry in our hope that the wide propagation of our technology will speed the recovery of the massive deterioration of the soil food web and freshwater banks.

At times we find ourselves consulting for dispirited pioneers who have implemented certain technologies that fell short of their promises. In such cases, we may be able to provide workaround solutions that allow the mills to retain their million dollar investments yet achieve BARformula technology results as closely as possible.

We organise visits for mill owners and decision makers to some of our sites to gain a first hand impression of the technology. It is also a good opportunity to gain feedback from managers of our existing clients, many of whom are senior plantation executives with some of the worlds leading plantation companies.

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