BARformula are Oil Palm Bioremediation specialists. Using proprietary advanced microbiological technology we convert 100% of an oil palm mill’s biomass and effluent.

A brief introduction.

Presenting the world’s first 100% zero-waste, fully managed nutrient extraction technology for the Oil Palm industry.

BARformula are Oil Palm Bioremediation specialists. We use proprietary microbiological technology to convert 100% of Effluent and EFB (in the standard ratio of up to 3:1) into compost.

We offer the Oil Palm world’s first zero waste, nutrient extraction technology that can process whole EFB fruit bunches without the need for shredding. As a result the mill never has to worry about biomass and effluent management and the company saves millions in fertiliser costs.

Getting it right requires a deep understanding of Nature and the symbiotic relationship between all things organic. The microbiology of the BARformula technology consists of naturally occurring strains identified specifically for the climatic and soil environment of the oil palm and charged by the most powerful energy source in our solar system.

In our Science archives you will find a wealth of information, much from our proprietary research, that we have decided to share for the benefit of individuals and organisations that wish to further their understanding in the field of bioremediation. You will also discover information about new understandings in soil sciences and the latest technologies available to oil palm industries.

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